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  • December 02, 2020 3 min read

    When it comes to fine craftsmanship, it's a marrying of skill and art. That's exactly what Sacred Crafts has done with their limited edition release of four different watches that feature Swiss engineering and use materials from salvaged shipwrecks to create a beautifully designed watch that tells more than time, but also a story. When we say these are limited edition, we mean that. Only a few hundred of these have been produced, and we're fortunate enough to have access to offer them to our customers.

    Our first crafted timepiece collection is an offering to Mother Ocean. Her beauty and her energy call to us no matter how land-locked we find ourselves. No mountain range or establishment can drown her steady whisper. The sea is where our soul is drawn to.

    Designed to maximize a life on the water, to be timeless in design, and to be unfailing; this watch is ready for adventure.

    How the watch came to be is an adventure unto itself. 


    La Grande Mer watch concept was developed between friends who live [and work] to surf, dive, travel and explore anywhere they can. 

    As most ideas start, this one happened on a well-worn notepad that has been the source of at least a few good designs. Pages and pages later its form took shape well enough to bring it into a full and proper design process. 

    In collaboration with the amazing team at DQBD in Stuttgart, Germany, we refined our design and engineered it into a system of precision parts that can accept not only traditional watchmaking materials, but also our new, sacred materials & compounds that were emerging as a result of our adventures.

    After a trip to Thailand where we collected Vintage Boats, we had gathered up enough great materials to offer our first, limited edition Swiss-made timepieces made from Vintage Fishing Boats.

    Reclaimed Bronze:

    We visited much of the coast of Thailand. The result of a proud fishing nation is an inevitable pile up of marine bronze. Within a few days we tapped into the supply and had enough to test out our plans for a watch case made from reclaimed bronze. That part turned out to be fun and kind of easy. The hard part was finding someone to help us reclaim it by melting it all down into new bars.

    Thankfully our team managed to work with a local metalsmith who also has a flair for vintage (check the mustache on his apprentice >> ). The whole experience was like a performance art where old became new. The reclaimed alloy's shine in the sun brought us the confidence in what we might make from it.

    SeaGlass Jewelry:

    Sea junk is everywhere. Lots of it starts out in a professional or industrial usage and ends up left behind for the local community and the ecosystem to suffer. Fishing nets are one of these materials. Its a pervasive mess that needs to be removed from the sea at all costs. 

    First we spoke with local harbormasters to organize a collection effort to collect nylon nets that would otherwise be clogging up the waterways. Our "Terrazo" concept goes like this:

    1. Reclaim plastic and polymer materials that otherwise would be jamming up the ecosystem.

    2. Using a jewelry grade bio-epoxy as a base, we immersed the nylon fishing net and molded them into sheet of terrazo material we can then precision cut into parts.

    SeaGlass has a luxurious luster similar to fine crafted jade stone - our first of many custom terrazo materials created to elevate materials and make them reborn.

    Reclaimed Wood From Vintage Boats:

    Many who answer the call of the sea are also a fans of boats. We are celebrating a beautiful time in place where a fleet of vintage wooden boats is nearing the end of its days. By purchasing and dismantling these boats we are helping to solve an environmental issue, provide owners with relief of their cost burden and we are allowing sacred materials to become reborn into new finely crafted products.

    This collection of crafted timepieces features links & dial veneers made from Vintage Boats. Each of our 500 pc limited collection comes in a "Japanese Bento Style" gift box made from the boats. 

    Swiss Movement and Manufacturing: 

    With a depth rating of 300m, La Grande Mer is equipped with a Ronda R150 automatic movement.  It is also assembled in their factory in Stabio, Swizterland. Our custom bronze rotor was the final touch to make sure this little machine had enough radness under the hood. With 40 hours of power reserve and 25 jewels to keep the gears and springs running smooth, La Grande Mer is made to take anywhere.

    Watches Made From Reclaimed Vintage Bronze Marine Propellers, Reclaimed Wood Accents From Vintage Boats, And Sea Glass Jewels To Ensure That Each Watch Comes With History, Character, And A Story. 

    Luxury Swiss Engineering That Comes With 5 Year Warranty On Parts And Movement 

    300m Dive Rated Watches + Unidirectional Bezel Timer

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