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Whiskey Expert Jim Murray Names 2019 World Whisky Of The Year!

If you’ve been following the world of whiskey for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the author of the “Whisky Bible”, Jim Murray. He’s a world renowned whiskey expert and has been releasing his opinion and knowledge through his writings for the past two decades. Each year he ranks his top whiskies from across the world, ranging from bourbon, scotch, and Japanese whisky, but only one gets the claim of being the best according to Jim.

The 2019 Whisky Bible Winner Of The Year goes to William Larue Weller 128.2- Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2017!

William Larue Weller

Murray praised the “unique brilliance” of WL Weller, describing it as ‘the most delicious lesson in whiskey structure imaginable’.

Buffalo Trace has represented America well in the world of whisky, as William Larue Weller is the seventh whiskey produced by Buffalo Trace to receive World Whisky of the Year in the last 15 years, including last year’s winner EH Taylor Four Grain Bourbon and Thomas H Handy Sazerac in 2013. 

You may have a tough time finding a bottle of William Larue Weller 2017 as these bottles are low in quantity and high in demand, but you can pick up a copy of Jim’s “Whiskey Bible 2019” here and read up on the top whiskies from around the world with more than a thousand ratings of individual drams in this 2019 Edition.

And of course, our new whiskey glass with a cigar holder will go well with your next whiskey of choice!

Whiskey and cigar glass

Cheers gentlemen!


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