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  • December 29, 2018 1 min read

    “The Peat Monster”
    By Compass Box
    Whiskey Maker: John Glaser
    Proof: 92%
    Whiskey Type: Blended Scotch

    Compass Box Peat Monster Whisky

    Color: Pale Hay
    Nose: toasted hay, smoked mullet, oak embers
    Flavor: smoked oysters, pine straw, fried egg whites, salted malt
    Viscosity: medium to thin
    Finish: long with a last minute fluctuation of briny warmth
    Food Pairing Suggestions: creek oysters and smoked mullet dip

    Fabulous blend of smoke and salt. Complex and hyper suggestive. Offers the taster an opportunity to recall former coast delicacies with a smile. I personally couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood traditions of smoking our net caught beach mullet and eating our foraged grilled creek clams.

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