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Whiskey Barrel Rings That Tell A Story!

Whiskey Barrel Rings That Tell A Story!

At Vintage Gentlemen we are all about creating and curating mens rings that are well-crafted and tell a story! 

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When you come to us, you can know that you're getting a handcrafted ring made out of natural products by master craftsmen and designed to be a reflection of the beauty of nature.  Men all across the world have entrusted us to be a part of the most important day of their life when they exchange vows at their wedding, celebrate an anniversary, or simply want to upgrade to a more meaningful ring.

Our most popular rings are those that are crafted out of used whiskey barrels. For those of you familiar with the process of making good whiskey, you know that the charred white oak barrels are essential to bringing out all those special flavor profiles that we love.  From the art of the cooperage making the barrels, to the years of aging the whiskey, each barrel has a story and our rings are another chapter in the life of that wood.  Once the whiskey barrel wood is received, other natural products, such as elk antler, bison horn, and other types of wood are incorporated into the ring to tell and even better story. We wear our rings every day, so we might as well wear one that we're proud of and others will appreciate!

Here's a few of our customer's favorite rings in our store over the past few years.


Weathered Whiskey Barrel And Bison Horn Ring

bison horn and whiskey barrel ring

Whiskey Barrel And Guitar String Inlay Ring


 Deer Antler And Whiskey Barrel Ring

View our full collection of rings:

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sara - November 13, 2019

hi how long would postage be to NZ.And how do i work out the size for a wedding ring.How much is postage to NZ please

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