Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch Review

If there’s ever perfect combination for a gentleman, I think mixing watches, wood, and whiskey is not a bad starting point.  In fact, we recently launched a wooden watch collection in our store. It's an awesome idea to take these manly staples and combine them into a beautiful product that mingles a rustic vibe with a touch of class.


Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch


The Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch, made from American Oak whiskey barrels has become one of my go to accessories because it fits my interests and personality so well. It’s not flashy, but it will grab people’s attention because of the obvious craftsmanship.  Each watch is handmade and the attention to detail is very apparent with its combination of wood and steel.  It’s not a lightweight watch by any means, mostly due to the wood and steel, but it’s not overbearing or uncomfortable.  In fact, I’ve been wearing it on a daily basis.

Notice all the detail?


I’ve added three different Original Grain watches to my collection.  They each bring their own unique design and display, but the  Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch holds a special place for me. Whiskey, wood, craftsmanship…..it’s hard to beat that! Thought we currently do not carry this particular watch in our store, you can shop our collection of wooden watches in our store.

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