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Jack Daniel's Creates Whiskey-Infused Coffee

Jack Daniel's Creates Whiskey-Infused Coffee

Are you a whiskey lover? What about coffee? If you're like us, you probably love both of them. Well, we have good news for you!  Jack Daniels recently released whiskey infused coffee. You heard that right! Coffee and whiskey combined into one delicious product.

Jack Daniel's has partnered with World of Coffee Inc., which is a specialty coffee maker to develop this gourmet coffee. They are using 100% Arabica beans and infusing them with Jack Daniel's Whiskey flavor to provide those caramel and vanilla notes whiskey lovers are fond of. The coffee is a medium roast to provide a balanced flavor profile.

Though this may come as a disappointment to some, the coffee is actually non-alcoholic. However, this means you don't have to worry about enjoying responsibly and can drink up all day. Just watch out for that caffeine! Cheers!

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