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  • May 21, 2016 1 min read


    Over the past few years I’ve been on a journey in branching out and trying new foods and drinks.  One of the drinks that I’ve found I thoroughly enjoy is whiskey.  Some may doubt my sincerity in enjoying such a drink when it comes to taste and cast it off as an excuse for drunkenness, but that’s far from the truth.  For one, I drink in moderation. Like all of us flawed humans, I have my areas of weakness, but drunkenness does not seem to be one of them.  With that said, I’ve come to appreciate the subtle flavors of sweetness, smokiness, citrus, and spice that you can experience among the various styles of whiskey, or should I say “whisky” as the Scotch and Irish typically spell it.

    This bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black is an excellent scotch for those that enjoy their whisky extra smoky, due to the heavily charred barrels.  As most of you know, being a “scotch,” this whisky is made in Scotland.  It is bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof) with no age statement.  The retail price is at roughly $40 for a 750ml bottle.  I found the nose to be heavily present with oak.  As mentioned above, I found the palate to be smoky, but there was a subtle sweetness present that made for a pleasant experience.  Although, I haven’t delved into scotch quite as extensively as I have bourbon, I do know that if the rest of the scotch world is anything like what Johnnie Walker Double Black has to offer, I think I will be pleased.


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