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Inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, the late English academic and author of the “Lord of the Rings” And “The Hobbit”, this leather journal will ignite your creative genius each time you open it up. There’s something magical that happens when you can touch and feel the journal as you hand write your thoughts down. This is something that the digital world can never replace. The physical is a part of our humanity, and we want to inspire others to carry on the tradition of original thinkers like Tolkien by spurring on creativity and deep thoughts! 

The craftsmanship will be apparent as soon as you hold this journal in your hand. The patina of the buffalo leather creates a texture that will be unique to each journal as it beautifully ages like a fine wine. 

Here’s what our customers are using these for:

Business Planning 

Goal Setting


Daily Tasks

Travel Planning


Product Features:

Full Grain Buffalo Leather

Brass Leather Clasp

250 Page Replaceable Notebook Insert


8.5 inches long
5.5 inches wide
1.5 inches thick

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