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    Spirits: Dark Rum & Oak

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    Coming Soon! Mezcal & Agave available to order Jan 1, 2024 Limited quantity available for Blue Velvet Gin An homage to craft cocktails, these candles feature unique cocktail inspired fragrances. To top it off, each glass is sealed with a natural live edge cork harvested from cork trees. Fragrance Notes: Whiskey & Tobacco: Kentucky whiskey with leafy tobacco, ginger and sweet, crushed Tonka Bean Blackberry Brandy: Barrel-aged brandywine with ripe berries, white peach and a hint of island vanilla Absinthe & Black Fig: Black fig infused with a woodsy blend of absinthe, black currant & patchouli Dark Rum & Oak: Sweet, oak barrel rum with hints of coffee, patchouli and orange blossom Mezcal & Agave: Distilled smoky mezcal infused with citrus zest & agave nectar, with base notes of cactus, cedarwood & amber Bourbon & Spice: Doubled oaked bourbon with notes of amber, vetiver and ginger root Blue Velvet Gin: Freshly steeped juniper berry and Amalfi lemon peel wi