Limited Edition Hickory Wood Prandi Radica Hatchet


Less than 10 available!

Never leave for another adventure without this well-crafted Limited Edition "Radica" style hatchet. This unique Prandi hatchet is a "German type", made with C45/1045 carbon steel, that is a polished and hardened blade. The Hickory handle comes with root wood sublimation printing, and lace that is made of genuine leather. The carbon steel axe head makes for a durable and trusted blade to cut through the toughest of wood. This hatchet offers the perfect combination of quality at an affordable price and we feel confident you will be highly satisfied with its performance.


Overall: 15"; Blade: Carbon Steel C45/1045 with polished and hardened blade l 600 gr. chrome head l  Handle: Hickory wood with root wood sublimation; Other Info: 6.5" overall axe head with 4.75" cutting edge. 

Made in Italy.

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