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    Four Piece Chef Knife Set With Magnetic Block

    GET A FREE Magnetic Wood Block With Purchase! Available to our first 50 customers. READY TO SHIP FAST! 

    Are you ready to create memories around deliciously prepared meals with friends and family using a knife set that will one day be an heirloom? No corners were cut with this premium chef knife set. Crafted from 9CR18MOV core steel and protected with 2 layers of 316 stainless steel, this premium four piece knife set is a chef’s dream. It offers the hardness of carbon steel, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, and the sharpness needed to tackle any job. 

    What’s included?
    Handle material: Rosewood
    Blade material:  9CR18MOV core steel protected with 2 layers of 316 stainless steel
    Kiritsuke Knife: 9.3” blade length
    Chef Knife : 8.5” blade length
    Nikiri Knife: 8.3” blade length
    Utility Knife: 4.5” blade length
    ADDED BONUS: We're including a magnetic wood block to conveniently and beautifully display your knives on your kitchen counter to our first 50 customers!
    What do you need in a good chef knife set? There's a few key features. Here's our top three that we look for and designed this premium chef knife set to reflect.
    1. Quality Of Materials. What good is a knife set if it looks beautiful and maybe even comes with a sharp blade, but is susceptible to corrosion? We use 9CR18MOV core steel protected with 2 layers of 316 stainless steel to provide a combination that will avoid rust and stand up to the toughest of environments.
    2. Sharpness. This is an obvious one. After a high temperature heat treatment, the Hardness is at a stable 60±2HRC to ensure the knives will hold an edge well and can easily be resharpened. Each of the blades are hand-finished, sharpened twice using a traditional honing technique by skilled artisans, followed by a whetstone, and finished with polishing on a leather wheel.
    3. Versatility. If you're really wanting to increase your skillset in the kitchen, that's going to require a wide range of capability. That means having a knife fit for the specific job at hand. Whether that's slicing, mincing, dicing, or chopping, our set has a knife specifically designed for the job.
    4. (BONUS FEATURE) Beauty: We hold the top three features above to be most important, but there's something about holding a piece of beautiful craftsmanship in your hand that will inspire you. That's what we want. We want our customers to be inspired to create memorable experiences around good food and good company!
    We offer FREE 30 day returns on our products.
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