Fools Gold Bourbon Infused Honey

Size Guide

Our Bourbon Infused Honey combines a rich, deep flavor found in Old Nick Williams bourbon made only 6 minutes away on Williams Road with our pure raw honey. Excellent to cook with during or after preparation of your favorite meals and desserts. It creates a unique dish when cooked over seared or baked salmon, chicken or beef, ice cream and cake. Whatever it's use, this exceptional combination is bound to make your food stand out.

Fool's Gold Honey was founded on the notion that people need high quality, locally sourced honey free from additives and harmful chemicals. We take 
meticulous care to ensure our honey remains raw. This preserves the natural taste and nutritional enzymes made by the bees. Our infusions are made with natural 
ingredients and steeped at a low temperature for an extended time period to both preserve the raw quality of our honey and provide the best flavors.

Size: 5.75 oz