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    Coffee Grinder- Vintage Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

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    This Vintage Hand Crank Coffee Grinder is designed to help you craft your perfect cup of coffee by bringing your whole beans to your desired consistency for brewing. There's something enjoyable about hearing the cracking of the beans and breathing in the deep and rich aroma of the coffee beans as you grind your own coffee. The hand crank grinder creates a more  aromatic coffee compared to the electric grinder because the beans do not heat up during the grinding process.


    1.Thickness of grains can be modifed by turning adjusting nut.
    2.Place securing washer in desired position on adjusting nut then the handle and tighten with bolt.
    3.Operate the handle by turning it clockwise.
    4.Turn the adjusting nut fully anti-clockwise to produce the coarsest grain.
    5.Clean the exterior with mild detergent and damp cloth.Every 3 months,grind1/3 cup of rice to keep the mechanism clean.Clean the inside with a clean brush, solid wood, can not be washed directly with water

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