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Wellington Double Old Fashioned Decanter Gift Set

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When it comes to having a few friends over to enjoy a quality glass of whiskey, this decanter and whiskey glass set is the perfect accessory to add to the appreciation of the experience. The Ravenscroft Crystal Wellington Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set is handcrafted by skilled European craftsmen and produced from ancient mineral deposits free of impurities. The classic bottle shape of this decanter is lucid and solid, and the decanter is topped with an elegant stopper. Coupled with a set of four heavy-bottomed Classic Double Old Fashioned glasses, this becomes the perfect spirits decanter gift set for any occasion.

Wellington Decanter: Height: 11.5" | Width: 4" | Capacity: 33 ounces (975ml) This will easily hold the standard 750ml bottle of whiskey.

Classic Double Old Fashioned Glasses: Height: 4" | Width: 3.25" | Capacity: 11.5 ounces

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