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  • June 07, 2022 2 min read

    The wedding date is coming up fast! The bride already has her ring, but the groom finds himself still in need of his wedding band. The wedding planning process has everyone scrambling and another day goes by with the groom still in need of his ring. Should the guy take action and buy his ring, or is it the woman's responsibility to buy the man's wedding band? We're here to help engaged couples with common questions about mens rings, so let's hear a few different takes and see what best fits your style.


    If we go with tradition, it is expected that the man purchases the bride's ring and that the woman purchases the man's ring. Of course, there's a lot of questions when it comes to this. Does that mean the guy picks the ring out, and then she simply enters her credit card information? Or does it mean that she does everything from picking it out and purchasing it? 


    If you like to go against tradition and blaze your own trail, then it would be the guy that buys the ring. This gives the guy complete control. He can decide if he wants the whiskey barrel ring, the deer antler ring, or the classy looking tungsten gold ring and get exactly what he wants. However, he's going to pay for it.


    Maybe buying the guys ring can be a little bit of give and take? It's possible that you can go the traditional route of her buying the ring, but the guy be very involved in the process of picking out the ring. With all the options available, there may be strong opinions on what style ring, but when you sit down together you may find that there's a common affinity towards a certain type of ring. With years of being in the wedding band industry, we think it's ideal when the bride and groom both take an interest in the buying process. At the end of the day, the ring is a symbol of something very deep, and we think a man should be happy with his purchase. 

    We're here to help make the ring buying process easy. We know it's easy to procrastinate, but we can help you make a decision with no risk.  We offer a ring sizing guide to make finding your size easy at home, but if you happen to get it wrong, we offer free a resizing as well. We also offer free 30 day returns that start after your wedding date. We know that these rings are often purchased weeks or months in advance. There's no risk when you buy from us. You're satisfaction is our main goal!

    Shop all our wedding bands here.

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