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  • December 24, 2022 4 min read

    Facts And Myths Of Tungsten Carbide Rings

    Tungsten rings have become a popular choice for men's wedding bands in recent years due to their strength, durability, and resistance to scratching and tarnishing. Tungsten rings also are more affordable than traditional rings made from precious metals. Despite their increasing popularity, there are a number of myths and facts about tungsten rings that you may want to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase one. Our goal is to educate our customers to help you make a decision on a ring that best fits your lifestyle and personality. 

    Myth #1: Tungsten rings are indestructible.

    Fact: While tungsten is a very strong and durable metal, it is not indestructible. Tungsten rings can still be scratched or damaged, especially if they are struck with a hard object at a high velocity. It is also possible to crack or shatter tungsten rings if they are subjected to extreme pressure or if they are dropped from a high height. Though it does happen on occasion, it is not very often that you hear of a tungsten ring breaking. 

    tungsten mens wedding bands

    Myth #2: Tungsten rings are heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

    Fact: Tungsten rings are generally not any heavier or more uncomfortable to wear than other types of wedding bands that you have to choose from. In fact, some people find tungsten rings to be more comfortable to wear because they have a smooth, polished finish that is less likely to catch on clothing or skin. Most of our wedding bands feature a comfort fit, which makes them even more pleasant to wear. Many of our customers state that they forget they are even wearing a ring throughout the day. If you read our 3,000 plus customer reviews on our website, you will quickly see that one of the main compliments of our tungsten rings is how comfortable our rings are. While style and and uniqueness are two qualities that our customers appreciate, we know that having a ring that comfortably fits is equally important to our customers. 

    Myth #3: Tungsten rings are brittle and can easily break or shatter.

    Fact: While tungsten rings can break or shatter if subjected to extreme pressure or dropped from a high height, they are generally not brittle and are unlikely to break or shatter under normal circumstances. Tungsten rings are made from a high-quality, pure tungsten carbide alloy that is designed to be strong and resistant to breaking or shattering. This level of strength and durability is ideal for someone that is concerned about scratches or potentially breaking their ring with daily activities. If you're still concerned that your occupation or lifestyle is too strenuous to wear a ring on a daily basis, we offer a solution by including a black silicone wedding band free of charge with any ring purchase with us. The silicone band is a great way to still wear a ring on those days when you're active, while not risking breaking or damaging your metal wedding band. 

    gold tungsten ring

    Myth #4: Tungsten rings can't be resized.

    Fact: It is true that tungsten rings cannot be resized like other types of rings, such as gold or silver. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, as tungsten rings are available in a wide range of sizes and can be custom-made to fit any finger. We know that a lot of customers are hesitant to purchase online because they're concerned that they may get the wrong size ring and incur charges. That's not a concern when shopping online with us. Here at Vintage Gentlemen, we offer a free ring exchange for the correct size at no charge to you. We make this process extremely easy by offering a self service platform on our website where you can quickly and easily select the new size ring that you need. We will then send you a return shipping label to send your old ring back and also send out your new sized ring within days. 

    Myth #5: Tungsten rings are difficult to remove in case of an emergency.

    Fact: Tungsten rings can be removed in case of an emergency just like any other type of ring. In fact, tungsten rings are actually easier to remove than some other types of rings, such as gold or platinum, which can be more difficult to cut off due to their softness. If a tungsten ring needs to be removed in an emergency, it can be cut off with a pair of ring-cutting pliers or a similar tool.

    Now that we've addressed some of the myths about tungsten rings, let's look at the pros of tungsten as a material for men's wedding bands.

    Pros of Tungsten Wedding Bands:

    • Strong and durable: Tungsten is a very strong and durable metal that is resistant to scratching and tarnishing. This makes it a good choice for a wedding band that will be worn every day and subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

    • Hypoallergenic: Tungsten is a hypoallergenic metal, which means that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to other types of jewelry. This makes it a good option for people who have allergies or sensitive skin.

    • Wide range of styles: Tungsten wedding bands are available in a wide range of styles, including traditional silver, black, and gold, as well as more modern designs such as wood grain and carbon fiber. This means that you should be able to find a tungsten wedding band that suits your style and personality. Here at Vintage Gentlemen, we incorporate whiskey barrels, deer antler, and meteorite into our rings to add extra detail and character.

    No matter what style ring you're looking for, Tungsten is an excellent choice for any man in finding that perfect wedding band that fits his personality. If tungsten if not the material for you, don't worry, we offer a wide selection of other materials. We offer rings made from titanium, ceramic, deer antler, whiskey barrel, turquoise, and more. 

    Our goal is to make shopping with us risk free. That's why we offer free returns and free size exchanges on all of our ring purchases. 

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