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  • November 05, 2017 2 min read

    If you're like the average American male, you probably do not own a whiskey decanter.  It's even possible, that you're not familiar with the word "decanter". This is a result of much of 21st century American culture having lost some of the traditions and practices of gentlemen of old.  As our name implies, we value the "vintage gentleman" culture, and owning a quality whiskey decanter is certainly a way to a share a common interest with gentlemen of old.  To make our case, here are our top three reasons that every gentleman should own a decanter.

     decanter and whiskey glass set

    Vintage Decanter Set With Personalization


    1. Uniqueness- Decanters bring with them a very distinguished and unique appeal.  As they slowly make a come back in homes today, they're still foreign enough to the average individual that it invokes a sense of curiosity to your guests when you offer them a pour out of your decanter.

    2. Secrecy- One thing that happens when you store your current whiskey of choice in a decanter is that that the spirit found in the decanter becomes unknown to the naked eye.  This is a positive for several reasons.  One advantage is that you are able to serve your whiskey to your guests and offer them the capability to decide if they like the whiskey purely on taste alone.  Unless, you tell them the brand beforehand, they are able to taste it with no presuppositions on how they think they should respond to the whiskey served them.  Secondly, it gives you the advantage of not having to serve your finest whiskey in situations that do not warrant it.  If you're having a few guests in your home and do not want to serve up your expensive bottles of whiskey, simply keep your finer bottles hidden, and keep a cheaper, yet respectable whiskey in your decanter. 

    3. Aesthetically Pleasing- There's no question that decanters offer an elaborate and distinguished display to any room they're in.  For centuries, gentlemen have proudly displayed their decanters in their office, man cave, or in their home.  The beautiful crystal glass and intricate designs make for a beautiful display that adds an extra touch of class to both the room and your drinking experience.

    premium glass whiskey decanter set

    Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set

    These reasons and more are why we choose to offer a wide selection of hand crafted decanters in our store.  Our goal is to bring back an appreciation for well-made goods and help you savor and enjoy life through quality products that enhance your experiences with friends and family.  We think owning a decanter to store your favorite whiskey and sharing it with guests is one of those simple pleasure in life and a great gift for us to enjoy!

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