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Do you ever struggle with what to buy for your man? Are you stressed because it’s the holiday season, birthday, or anniversary, and you have no idea what to get for him?  If that’s you, let us help!  We feel confident we can help because our entire brand is built around what men love!  We’re all about bringing manliness with a touch of class, back to the modern man.  Our shop is dedicated to men and we’ve put together this brief guide to give you a few ideas of products that we know any man can appreciate.

1.  Decanters- For centuries, gentlemen have used glass and crystal decanters as a way to store their whiskey of choice. Whether you’re looking for a classy crystal decanter fresh out of a scene from “Downton Abbey”, or a more unique and custom glass decanter, like our Diamond Shaped decanter with wooden base, we have you covered.




2.  Wooden Whiskey Barrel Rings- It doesn’t get much more manly than wearing a ring made out of wood from a whiskey barrel! Our collection of handcrafted rings will definitely be a big hit for your man. You can even pick from several whiskey brands for the type of barrel wood you would like to be used in making the ring.



3.  Leather Wallets- How many wallets has your man had in his lifetime? Probably quite a few. Go ahead and make an investment for him and get him a leather wallet of the highest quality that will last a lifetime. No more cheap and worn out wallets. Craftsmanship and quality are what we’re going for. Our wallets are handcrafted by skilled artisans with the highest of quality.


4.  Passport Holder- No more digging through your travel bags for your passport. Our handmade leather passport holder offers the perfect combination of style and functionality.


5.  Leather Cigar Case- Instead of your man showing up at his friend’s home with his cigars in a plastic bag, give him the classy gift of our custom leather cigar cases.


6.  Custom Shaving Kit- We’re bringing back the lost art of shaving. Give your man the tools to turn shaving from a task to a luxury with our exotic wood safety razor, with a 100% Silvertip Badger Hair brush to make for a smooth lather.


7.  Leather Flasks- When it’s time for an adventure, your man needs a convenient way to take his drink of choice with him. Our custom flasks are wrapped in beautiful leather designs that any man will appreciate as he enjoys his drink.


8.  Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table- Are you ready for your man to be excited about home furniture? Well, surprise him with this coffee table made out of a whiskey barrel and you’ll find that he’s suddenly interested in interior design!


9. Field Notes Wallet- Our leather field notes wallet is perfect for working as both a wallet and a way for your man to jot down his latest whiskey review, travel adventures, or a plan a date night for you!


10.  Leather Messenger Bag- Travel or carry your laptop in style with our leather messenger bag. Handcrafted out of 100% genuine leather, he will certainly appreciate the beauty of this one of kind messenger bag!


We know your man will love our broad selection of manly products and will appreciate the effort you put in to searching for that perfect gift for him! 

Brandon Higginbotham
Brandon Higginbotham

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