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  • June 02, 2017 3 min read

    Here are a few ways you can set goals, daily goals, whether for your business or your life. In fact, I think you need to treat yourself like a business (if you don’t already own a business) and like in business, SUCCESS is the goal.

    1- What's your Ultimate Goal?

    Whats your vision? Describe your ideal life or business. How much money are you making? Where do you live? Do you have kids? A wife? Write down how your ideal life or business looks.
    After you’ve done that - now break down into chunks the steps necessary to achieve that life. Example: I want to own a home worth 3 Million Dollars. I need to be earning between 600K-700K per year. My business earns me 200K per year. I need to duplicate my business 3-4 times. To duplicate my business the 1st time I need an excess of 100K profit to fund the 2nd location.
    You see how you can keep moving down the chain and writing out exactly what it takes to achieve each chunk. As you do that you are getting down to the nuts and bolts and you will have created a chain that leads straight to your ultimate goal.

    2- What's the 1st Step?
    What are the most important steps that you can take TODAY to get one step closer to the first chunk? Do that first. Prioritize this, don’t let anything get in the way of this. Its hard, Facebook, TV, friends.....all of these find a way to derail you sometimes. Section out a chunk of time in your day when you will ONLY work on this goal for the day. Then get after it!

    3- Define Success
    Define and measure what success means today. Its not enough to say, “I want to sell a whole lot of product or service today!” You need to define it, “Today I will sell $5200 worth of product. Now that you have an exact definition of what success will mean today - you can list the steps necessary to reach that.

    4- Be Realistic?
    I know, I know....everyone says to think BIGGER! Well, I’m not saying you shouldn’t. What I’m saying is don’t be ridiculous with your daily goals. RESULTS create MOMENTUM. Getting great results makes you more motivated to get back at it again. Setting yourself up for failure daily just makes it so that your not going to look forward to the day and eventually, you fail. Now, I don’t want you to be a coward with your goals either! Fortune does favor the Bold! Hey, the most successful people in the world set HIGH - but ACHIEVABLE goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. So should you.

    5- Set a DEADLINE
    Why is it that when the report is due, we always crushed it the night before? Its because deadlines have the effect of putting your back against the wall. Some of us rise to that challenge, some of us don’t.(if your reading this, I’m gonna bet your the one that does). Set a deadline and when you need to do everything possible to achieve your goal by then. NO EXCUSES!

    Ok, here is where the MAGIC happens. But this is where I see most people lacking.
Writing all of this is great. Getting your ideas and goals on paper.....cute! Guess what? It means NOTHING. Nothing until you actually DO SOMETHING about it. Too many people talk about goals and what they are going to do. And so few are willing to get up and actually DO.
    I would rather be the guy who made one goal and scratched and clawed my way to it than the guy who wrote down this MASTER PLAN and then NEVER DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
    Be the guy who takes ACTION, takes that first step. Set your goal and then don't stop until you achieve it.

    Guest Post from Michael Romer

    Michael is a Father, Husband, & Entrepreneur

    He is the owner of Force Fitness Club in Queens, NY

    Follow him on Instagram @michael_lee_romer and @forcefitnessclub

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