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  • May 22, 2016 1 min read

    Lately I’ve been going through a few different bottles of Michter’s whiskey.  It’s been an enjoyable experience to taste the nuances of each type of whiskey.  So far, I’ve tried their US*1 bottles of Bourbon, Rye, Sour Mash, and their American Whiskey. Visit their website here.

    The focus of this post will be on their Single Barrel Straight Rye.  In the U.S., to be considered Rye whiskey, the mash bill must consist of a least 51% rye and aged in charred, new oak barrels.  Furthermore, since this is a straight rye, it must be aged for at least two years.  As far as I know, Michter’s Single Barrel Straight Rye is aged for 3 years.  It is distilled in Kentucky, with a bottling strength at 84.8 proof (42.4% by volume.)

    Despite the lower proof, I found the nose to be packing more than expected.  To me, the nose consisted primarily of floral, spice, and wood.  The taste was excellent, with notes of caramel and spice, but still a smooth drink despite the typical spiciness associated with most rye whiskey.

    There’s no doubt, tasting whiskey is certainly an art for a gentleman, and my palate is still developing, but it’s always interesting to see the different notes and tastes that even the professionals pick up when tasting whiskey.  Regardless of one’s level of expertise, it’s an awesome experience to find something you enjoy and be able to appreciate the complexities and craftsmanship that goes into making it, whether it’s drink, food, accessories, architecture, ect.  That’s what we’re all about here at “The Vintage Gentlemen.”

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