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It's not uncommon for us to simply repeat the name of a place or product for year after year and give little thought as to how the name came about, no matter how silly or unusual it sounds. "Dopp bag" is one of those names that always seems strange, but we simply repeat and call it what it is and assume very little. At some point in recent years I came across the backstory of the Dopp bagand found it to be very fascinating story worth sharing. It definitely provides a new perspective and has changed my view of this classic gentleman accessory. So here's a brief survey of the history of the name to help further your appreciation.

It all started with a German leather-goods maker named Charles Doppelt. Doppelt was an immigrant to the United States, where he used his love for leather and ingenuity to invent his toiletry case, along with the help of his nephew, in 1919. The new business named, "The Charles Doppelt Company" received a high level of success with the help of a large contract from the US Army leading up to WWII where the cases were issued to thousands of new recruits. The popularity grew far beyond the war and the cases quickly became a household product, where they eventually became know as “Dopps.” In the 1970's, Samsonite came in and bought the company, but the name still lives on, and similar to the households in the early 20th century, it seems these timeless toiletry bags will always be called "Dopps."

We'll make it easy for you to own this classic accessory that's been a staple in the homes of gentlemen for decades. We even offer free initials and personalization! Check out our premium leather dopp bags here!dopp bag with personalization

Go ahead and indulge yourself, or pick up that perfect gift for the gentleman, groomsman, co-worker, or distinguished man in your life!

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Brandon Higginbotham
Brandon Higginbotham

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