Gentlemen, Whiskey, and Decanters

Gentlemen, Whiskey, and Decanters

If there’s one thing a gentleman should add to his collection of manly items, it should be a nice decanter to hold his whiskey of choice. For centuries, gentlemen have used decanters as a way to store their scotch, bourbon, brandy, and other spirits in their home.  It seems as though decanters have fallen out of style over the past few decades, but I think they’re slowly starting to make a comeback. There’s something about the craftsmanship of the glass design that brings an extra touch of class to a home bar.

Globe Decanter 



Diamond Shaped Decanter 

imageOne of my favorite decanters is a diamond shaped glass decanter with a wooden base that it picks up out of.  I have have been highly impressed with its excellent design and functionality.  If interested, you can view it in our store here or search our collection of other designs to learn more. The diamond shape cut of the glass brings a sophisticated and classy look that is balanced out well with the rustic wood base, which adds a touch of manliness to its design. I knew I made a great selection when my wife was also impressed with the decanter.  If you’re like me, you can enjoy a nice whiskey straight out of the bottle, but it’s hard to deny that well designed decanter brings an extra touch of appreciation to the whiskey tasting experience.


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