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Blanton’s Gold Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Gold Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Gold Bourbon Review
Distillery: Buffalo Trace 
Type: Straight Bourbon/Single Barrel bourbon
Barrel: 519
Rick: 55
Bottle: 42
Proof: 103

Color: mahogany
Nose: caramel, brown butter, oak, tobacco
Flavor: caramel chews, leather, honeyed oak, black pepper, roasted poblano pepper, vanilla beans, mild tobacco
Viscosity: medium
Finish: powerful with a nice, tapered, full bodied heat. A slight aspartame trace lingered after a few moments.

Caramel Explosion! Literally a spicy, caramel Hiroshima that will level your preconceived notions of Original Blanton’s single barrel. Pleasant oak levels with charred poblano pepper notes.

Pairings: I would recommend this with grilled poblano stuffed with copious amounts of cheddar and jack cheese and crumbled sausage. Or Caramel.....All the caramel!!!!
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