Whiskey Barrel Lined Antler Ring


This beautiful ring tells the story of nature meeting man's ingenuity with unique materials such as an inner lining of whiskey barrel oak, contrasted by a thin offset strip of naturally shed deer antler bordered by carbon fiber on the outside. 

Both materials are supported by a carbon fiber lining, which has been built around them to provide lasting support. Carbon fiber is both light weight and brings both strength and amazing durability to the ring. Our unique process involves molding the carbon fiber around the wood, locking the materials in place, preventing any warping or shifting due to water exposure. 

*Please note that due to high demand there is a 6-7 week turnaround time on these rings currently. Priority manufacturing with a 25 day completion time is available for an additional $55. Please put a request in "instructions to seller" on the cart page for the priority option and we will invoice you for the additional $55. These rings are made of natural products and we cannot guarantee that the rings will look exactly like the product image, but we can guarantee that the same type of natural materials listed in the description will be used for reach ring we make.

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