Whiskey Barrel Flooring Project Pack- Free Shipping


This listing is for a 20 Sq/Ft Project Pack of Whiskey Barrel Flooring/Veneer. Use is for tables, chairs, desks, or what ever your creativeness inspires!

Each Pack is 1 barrels worth of wood. Each pack contains pieces with distillery markings, staves marks, charring, and 2 Bung Hole boards.

Whether it's Tennessee or Kentucky, Rye or Wheat, bourbon has been the American Whiskey since the 18th century. In order to earn it's title, Bourbon, the spirit must be aged in new charred oak barrels, while Scotch and Irish Whiskey barrels are often used multiple times. After producing a fine bourbon, the barrels are often used by breweries for special "Cask Aged" ales, but again, may only be used once. With such an early retirement, these barrels are comparitively quick to end up in the land fills, and it's our mission to save and recycle them.

Similar to its overseas relative, the Whisky Barrel Flooring from Scotland, our Bourbon Barrel Flooring is a solid oak flooring made from old bourbon barrels. The barrels are taken apart and nearly every piece is recycled.


Solid American White Oak
Hand made in the USA
Square edge
Glue & Nail down


Width: Mix of 1 1/4" & 2 1/2"
Length: Random (8" - 30")
Depth: 3/8"

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