Water Soluble Stache And Hair Wax/Pomade

Size Guide

Relaxed Wax (4.0 oz) 

This utilitarian styling aid is a pomade and stache wax in one. Designed for the minimalist man, DUBS Relaxed Wax provides a natural, medium hold conveniently in one product that is easy to apply, mold and wash out at the end of the day. DUBS Relaxed Wax has a buttery texture leaving hair incredibly soft and flexible with a matte finish. Apply to dry hair for optimal performance. Just scoop out a desired amount, rub thoroughly in your hands and distribute evenly throughout your moustache, hair and even your beard. Style as desired.

• Water soluble based - washes out easily
• Medium hold with natural feel. For a stronger hold simply apply more product. 
• Easy to restyle throughout the day
• Matte finish
No need to use hairspray, chemicals and aerosols around your face and mouth. 
• Try it on pomps, slick backs, formal, casual and business looks.
• Island scent (Coconut, bay laurel, citrus)