The Valencia Desktop Cigar Humidor

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Any gentleman that appreciates cigars knows that a proper humidor is a necessary tool for keeping those prized cigars in the perfect condition. Not only is the function important, but the style and elegance of a beautiful cherry wooden laced humidor is an excellent accessory to any office, study, or man cave.

The “Valencia Humidor” is a gentleman’s dream when it comes to cigar humidors. This beautiful humidor can hold up to 120 cigars and beautifully display them with it’s beveled glass, rich high gloss finish, inset brass side handles, and a large external hygrometer to bring out one of the most interesting appearances in a humidor. The Valencia is equipped with a removable tray with 2 spanish cedar dividers. Underneath the tray, additional storage with a spanish cedar divider. This humidor is absolutely gorgeous. Also offers a gold plate brass internal locking hinges, and gold lock & key set & a large oblong humidifier. Very popular

Features & details

  • Color: High Gloss Cherry Finish with Analog Hygrometer | Holds up to 120 Cigars
  • External Hygrometer | Beveled Glass Top
  • Removable Tray | Spanish Cedar Lined | 3 Dividers
  • Internal Locking Channels | Side Handles | Humidifier Included
  • Item Size: 14-3/4"W x 9-3/4"D x 7”H

How to use this humidor

Caring for Your Humidor

A humidor is purchased in order to care for cigars, keeping your collection in top-notch condition. However, a humidor is not impervious to wear and tear. It is important that you provide proper care for your humidor with regular maintenance. This will ensure the humidor is working at its best and will provide optimal storage for your cigar collection.

Seasoning Before First Use

One tip for proper maintenance is your humidor is seasoned before it is used for the first time. A humidor that is created from Spanish cedar will absorb moisture and release moisture in a slow manner. This helps to maintain the humidity inside the unit. When this type of humidor arrives at your home, the cedar will be dry. If the cigars you own are placed in a dry humidor, the cedar will absorb the moisture from them. By seasoning the humidor first, you will prevent the unit from removing the moisture from your cigars.

Cool and Dark Storage

A humidor should have an internal temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside environment will help to determine the interior temperature of the humidor. Be sure to place your humidor away from the sun and store in a dark, cool place. This will help with temperature maintenance.

Checking the Hygrometer

The hygrometer associated with your humidor is the tool used to control humidity levels. You should be checking the hygrometer on a weekly basis, taking a reading in order to ensure the humidity levels are being maintained. Relative settings need to be at 70%. By watching this reading, you will be alerted to a problem and know instantly if your humidifier needs to be replaced or refilled.

By maintaining your humidor, you will be able to enjoy your cigars for longer and maintain your collection.

Take time to care for your humidor so your cigar collection always stays fresh.

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