“PREORDER: “The Reagan” Electric Dual Zone Cabinet Humidor

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The Reagan is an electric cabinet humidorthat comes in a dark cherry finish, giving it a modern appearance along with the crown molding and embossed wood side panels.

The Reagan is two sided, each side having independent temperature and humidity controls.

This extra large humidor is built from high-quality materials that will make it last for years to come.

The Reagan has many advanced features including digital climate and humidity controls, cooling and heating systems, dehumidification, built-in electronic humidification system, and adjustable hygrometer calibration.

You can adjust the temperature from 41F - 71F and change the humidity from 56% - 78%. The hygrometer also allows you to switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preference.


Temperature and Humidity Control

Aside from its charming craftsmanship, the Reagan's highlight feature is its built in electronic temperature and humidity control. With the press of a few buttons, you can now easily control the climate of your new cabinet humidor.

  • Electronic humidification system is built in, keeping the humidity at perfect levels
  • Humidor features cooling and heating systems (toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit) to ensure the contents remain at the perfect temperature no matter how or cool the weather gets
  • Adjust the temperature anywhere between 41F to 71F
  • Adjust the humidity anywhere between 56% to 78%

Configure the temperature and humidity of your preference and save the settings to the machine's memory. The Reagan also features built-in LED lights that indicate when the humidor is engaged in heating, cooling, or humidifying.

Humidor Features

  • Holds up to 4,000 cigars
  • 12 drawer style shelves on metal slides make it easy to get to your cigars
  • 2 removable cedar trays with 2 dividers in each help keep your cigars organized
  • 3 adjustable dividers for each shelf to further help organization
  • Each side of the humidor has an independent temperature & humidity control
  • Doors have heavy duty seals to keep moisture levels accurate and prevent leaks
  • Glass has de-mist features that will keep them from fogging up
  • Glass doors have a tempered tint to them
  • Auxiliary fan
  • Removable refillable water reservoir
  • White LED lighting illuminates all shelves, looks great in the dark!

Humidor Dimensions

  • 53" W x 26" D x 74.5" H

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