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Sterling Silver Cufflinks- Family Crest Wax Seal

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We are offering this very unique set of cuff links that were hand stamped by Johnny LTD staff in sterling silver with an authentic 1700s wax seal. We own this wax seal, so you will not see these anywhere else!

This wax seal stamp pictured dates back to the 1700s and the cuff links you will receive are made from this actual carved bone handled stamp. The three crescent design can be linked back to the family names of both Carson and Glover, but if you are like us, we love any of these family shields. It feels great to wear a little history. And this stamp belongs to us, so you are not likely to see anyone else wearing them!

Family crests that feature the crescent is thought to symbolize "enlightened and honored by the gracious aspect of his sovereign" and also a symbol of the hope of greater glory.

The Stag or buck head represents a lover of peace and harmony as well as strength and fortitude.

Also on the shield appears to be some sort of crown. This is likely a coronet. It looks to be a Ducal Coronet Crown. This was not meant to reflect royalty, but someone who may be in service to the king, or someone of nobility across Europe.

Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Diameter: 18mm(+-) .72in