Savannah Scuttle Shaving Set

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Imagine spreading hot foam on your face in the morning during a cold winter day. As the lather hits your face it warms your whiskers and softens your skin before you attack it with your razor.

You can go to the barber and pay for a hot shave or you can buy a shaving scuttle for the cost of two to three shaves so that you can have one at home every day.

We recommend you do both!

One thing's for sure, you’ll never go back to scooping foam out of an environmentally unfriendly aerosol can again . . .

You’ll be walking around like McGregor after shaving with hot foam every day.

Naked Armor Shaving Scuttle Walk



The vertical bars keep your brush sliding towards freedom while the horizontal ridges catch the soap between the brush bristles and create a thick lather ready to be smothered all over your face.

The ceramic quality feels heavy (but not too heavy) in your hands and performs as one would expect from a shaving mug. Some would say it sings with delight.

It's not too heavy that you can’t handle it in the shower while holding your shaver in the other hand. But it's not too light that it feels like a pansy.



Ok, let's review what you get from Savanna . . .

  • Horizontal bars & verticles—create some tension for lather
  • 10 oz chamber—for filling with hot water
  • Environmentally friendly cork—dry rot resistant
  • A walk like McGregor's

+ a damn good shave . . .

Shaving Scuttle


Our customers absolutely love this mug . . .

Your brush stands in this mug with the handle perfectly above the rim (see photo above).

You won't need to lick your fingers or go find the cat to wipe them off.

The handle remains dry . . .

Which means you can whip up a lux lather without banging your brush handle like Ringo Star on the rim. Any drummers out there?

No fear of cracking the rim or brush handle with this shaving scuttle. It will save you the hassle of cleaning up the mess or your wife stepping on broken ceramic in the bathroom.

How To Use A Shaving Scuttle

A stainless bowl (available in our Stand Kit) allows you to shake out excess moisture so that you won't waste your shaving puck. 

Personally, I just remove the water and leave the soap in the scuttle. Works for me but for those of you who want to keep the soap dry, you can remove it and add it to a soap dish.

Use a badger friendly brush (from Naked Armor) to whisk the soap. This is the nice thing about our brushes; unlike soft badger brushes,  they are very stiff and allow you to get enough tension going to create a great lather.

Our customer Jim recently told us about his experience with the Savanna Scuttle:

“Let's just say I will never shave without the Savanna Scuttle again. Ideally, fill the inner bowl with hot water and let sit for about 5 min before making your lather. This is a must-have addition to anyone who likes hot lather."


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