Rattray’s Fachen 106 Tobbaco Pipe

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We believe that life is full of simple pleasures and a pipe is something that can be enjoyed while accompanied by a good book, friends, or simply used as a way to reflect and find solitude.  

This particular pipe is an absolute classic and your friends will want to learn more about this beautiful piece of artwork as it will clearly stand out in your home office or smoke room.

Crafted in Germany, this Rattray’s pipe comes with a long history of tradition, dating back to 1911. You’re going to love the quality and attention to detail on this premium pipe that’s fit for a gentleman.


Surface: sandblasted
Material: Briar
Application: No
Stem diameter: 9mm
Weight: 50-59 gram
Bowl diameter: 20 mm
Bowl height: 45 mm
Lenght: 135 mm
Shape: Half-Bent - Freestyle
Mouthpiece: Multicoloured acrylic

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