Pear Wood Pipe With Accessory Kit

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We believe that life is full of simple pleasures and a pipe is something that can be enjoyed while accompanied by a good book, friends, or simply used as a way to reflect and find solitude.

This particular pipe is an absolute classic and your friends will want to learn more about this beautiful piece of artwork as it will clearly stand out in your home office or smoke room. This pipe as been hand made by master craftsmen with complete attention to detail. It is made of wood of the roots of pear trees. Pear wood is a common material for creating pipes, and gives a slight taste of fruity sweetness when smoking, once you break into it. It is finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, giving it the final beautiful look.

  • The Perfect all in one Tobacco Pipe and Accessories Set which includes everything you need to start smoking like a pro! This is the best choice if you're a begginer, adavnced smoker, or a gift seeker!
  • This pipe is handmade of high quality pear woods and has a durable acrylic mouthpiece. The pipe size is 140mm in length, and the inner bowl measures at 35mm deep.
  • The collapsible acrylic stand is perfect to place the pipe on. The 3-in-1 scraper, reamer, and spike which is made of 100% stainless steel comes in handy to stack, clean and scoop the tobacco.
  • This set also comes with a pack of 10 x 9mm filters, 2 x Rubber bits to place on the edge of the mouthpiece, 5 x pipe cleaners, 2 x metal mesh balls to place in the bowl for a smooth smoke, and an additional mouthpiece. Enclosed is a full instructions manual on how to use all the accessories.

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