Old Army Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe




About The No: 21 Old Army Smoking Pipe
Our Full Bent Old Army pipe is a classic shape with a flat bottom that acts as a stand for the pipe. The Old Army has a similar base to a Poker pipe and a bend in both the pipe and the mouthpiece where it smokes smooth like a full bent pipe. Adding to the uniqueness of this pipe is a built-in windscreen cap. It’s intended use is to help keep the layer of ash on top of your pipe while smoking outdoors, on a windy day or while walking. Included in this pipe is a 3mm metal stinger filter that helps remove tar, catch stray tobacco and moisture. You can also quickly remove the filter if you prefer by removing the mouthpiece and taking it out.

Overall Length: 130mm | Inner Bowl Depth: 40mm | Inner Bowl Diameter: 17mm | Outer Bowl Height: 40mm | Outer Bowl Diameter: 30mm

The Twenty-One Old Army smoking pipe is made out of Pear Wood Root dried for two full season cycles to harden as much as possible. The pipe is made from the roots of pear trees and is equivalent to the density of Briarwood. It comes in multiple colors and styles to suit any taste.

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