“Milano” Cigar Countertop Display Humidor

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The distinguished Milano cigar humidor is a well-crafted display humidor that will nicely showcase up to 125 of your cigars for your guests or customers to see. Whether you are a cigar retailer or a cigar aficionado, you can display your collection with pride and create a sense of appreciation from others as they peruse your collection. 

The exterior features a Dark Mahogany finish, while the interior is made of aromatic Spanish-cedar wood to facilitate the proper humidity. The interior is built out with three angled trays and three dividers to keep differently-flavored cigars separated. The included humidifier provides the humidity while the exterior hygrometer allows you to monitor for correct relative humidity (RH) levels. All four sides feature actual glass that allow friends and family to admire your collection, while the lock & key keeps the proper security and protection. When closed, the seal is solid.

Reasons to buy the Milano 125-count countertop display humidor:

  • Dark Mahogany exterior finish.
  • Aromatic Spanish-cedar interior.
  • Three trays angled for easy access and display.
  • Three dividers to separate cigars.
  • Four glass sides (not Plexiglass) for easy viewing of cigars from any angle.
  • Brass pull knob.
  • Brass lock and key to prevent tampering.
  • Humidifier and external hygrometer included.
  • Very easy setup process --- includes manual.
  • Packaged extremely well to make sure there are no damages during shipping.

1-Year Warranty

  • One year guarantee from the manufacturer (Prestige Import Group)
    • We assist you in filing guarantees with the manufacter

Dimensions and capacity:

  • 13” W x 11 1/4” D x 19 1/4” H
  • Holds up to 125 cigars

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