Major Pipe- Model 113- Mediterranean Briar Wood- Hand Made

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Mediterranean Briar Wood - Hand Made Tobacco Pipe

We believe that life is full of simple pleasures and a pipe is something that can be enjoyed while accompanied by a good book, friends, or simply used as a way to reflect and find solitude.  

This particular pipe is an absolute classic and your friends will want to learn more about this beautiful piece of artwork as it will clearly stand out in your home office or smoke room.  This pipe was handmade by master craftsmen with complete attention to detail.

It is one of the most popular pipes in our collection and is made from high quality Mediterranean Wood that is dried for 2 full season cycles to harden as much as possible. Briar wood is the most dense wood on the market making it the best wood for crafting high quality pipes for smoking tobacco.

The number 113 Major pipe is a classic style pipe yet is very unique. It is finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, giving it the final beautiful look.

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