Major Pipe- Model 113- Mediterranean Briar Wood- Hand Made

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Mr. Brog Smoking Pipe - Model No. 113 Major Ebony-Teak Sandblast - Mediterranean Briar Wood - Hand Made Tobacco Pipe

*Please note that there is a current two week production turnaround time on these pipes

Our Major Pipe is hand made in Poland with high quality Mediterranean Briar wood that is dried for 2 full season cycles to harden as much as possible. Briar wood is the most dense wood on the market making it the best wood for crafting high quality pipes for smoking tobacco.

The number 113 Major pipe is a classic style pipe yet very unique. It is finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, giving it the final beautiful look.

Every individual pipe is signature stamped with the Mr. Brog seal, and model number, hand made by Mr. Brog in Poland making it unique in it's own way.

Our goal from the start has always been to effectively produce many pipes, while at the same time keeping the cost down at a minimum. We brought the costs down while not compromising the quality of the pipe and smoke, thereby bringing you this genuine high quality pipe for the lowest price possible. We proudly consider ourselves the king in affordable pipe manufacturing. Being affordable also means that any individual can own a full collection of a pipe rack.