Whiskey Barrel And Carbon Fiber/Stainless Steel Ring


This is a ring for the lover whiskey and the craftsmanship and intricacy that goes into charring the barrel and properly aging the whiskey. The oak has been infused with resin to increase its durability, then surrounded by two bands of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is made of 24,000 individual strands that harden to a material that is stronger than steel, but as light as a feather. These pieces are then set on a lining of stainless steel to create an incredibly strong and durable ring.

Please be aware that the wood varies from piece to piece, and can take on different appearances and colourations.

*Please note that due to high demand there is a 6-7 week turnaround time on these rings currently. Priority manufacturing with a 25 day completion time is available for an additional $55. Please put a request in "instructions to seller" on the cart page for the priority option and we will invoice you for the additional $55. Please ensure you have been properly sized before placing your order. 

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