Italian Olive Bent Natural Pipe

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When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, there’s no question that tobacco pipes have been a key part of a gentleman’s arsenal throught the centuries. Our Olive Bent Pipe is hand made with high quality Italian Olive Wood and will a perfect addition to any man’s home. The wood is dried for 2 full season cycles to harden as much as possible. Olive wood is one of the best woods for creating quality smoking pipes. Although slightly more expensive than briar wood, nothing beats the beauty of the natural grains of an olive wood pipe.

The Olive bent pipe is a classic pipe yet very unique. It is finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, giving it the final beautiful look.

  • This Pipe is 150mm in overall length - The inner bowl is 34.5mm deep and 19mm diameter - Outer bowl dimensions are 43mm tall and 45mm diameter.
  • This pipe is made out of Italian Olive Wood and has an acrylic mouthpiece.

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