Collossus Guillotine Cigar Cutter

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A remarkable spring loaded guillotine cigar cutter with unique styling and impeccable function in a class all its own. The Colossus wing style cutter is designed to feel just right in the hand and gives its user the leverage to execute clean cuts with ease. A downward sliding motion on the release button opens the cutter's intricately designed wings that employ a fantastic flowing, curvilinear detail. Inserting the cigar cap into the cutter and squeezing the handles feels as natural as a handshake. The hardened steel blades produce a clean cut and lock in place until the next use. The Prestige Colossus wing blade locking cigar cutter integrates the best in manufacturing standards. A remarkable cutter for the demanding smoker who expects only the best. Available in 2 high polished finishes: Silver & Gold

Wing Style Dual Blade Cutter
Hardened Steel Decorative Blades
Spring Loaded Open
Squeeze to Lock
Gold or Silver Finish
Gift Box

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