Bull Cart Complete, 23" Griddle LP, 3 Burner, Pro Grade, Flat top Grill 73008 by Huntsman Farms


Fulfilled by our friends at Huntsman Farms

The Bull Commercial Style Stainless Steel Griddle Cart is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. a Chromium plated cook top sits upon three stainless steel burners that pump out 45,000 BTUs of cooking power. From fajitas to pancakes, the food preparation possibilities are virtually endless.

Standard Features

  • 45,000 BTUs
  • Welded SS Burners
  • Cast Iron Chromium Plated Griddle
  • 24” Cart Bottom with Side Shelves
    • Box Dimensions *Height 53.00 *Length 47.00 *Width 46.00 *Unit Wt.(In Lbs) 245.00

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