Bottle Aging Stave- French Oak

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This Bottle Aging Stave™ is made of French oak that has been naturally weathered for 4-5 years. Only the highest quality wine barrels are made from this wood. It has undergone our proprietary 3 step heat treating process that is designed to let the stave take over where the barrel left off. Recommended aging time: 1-4 weeks, but the sweet spot is 2 weeks. It is reusable, but let it air dry for 1 month in-between uses. Since the French Oak is so powerful, it is recommended that you let the flavors "marry" for a few weeks after you remove the Bottle Aging Stave. Use one stave per 750ml of liquid.

(note: all wood products may contain splinters, handle with care. Actual product may vary in size shape and appearance from what is pictured on the website. Price is for 1 stave.)

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