Leather Bi-fold Wallet


I heard a wise man once say, "Money flows to those who take care of it, and runs from those who do not." Although this may or may not be the case I say what better way to house your hard earned dollars then with one of these amazing wallets designed to outperform and out last, but at a price that doesn't break the bank!

At first glance this bi-fold wallets design might be a little shocking but let me explain. When I decided to take on the challenge of designing my version of the classic bi fold wallet I didn't do so lightly. I took the things I liked about it and improved the areas I believe needed an overhaul!

#1 The Deep V

This deep V design allows the wallet to open quickly and evenly when cash is being inserted. This makes putting multiple bills in at one time an effortless task. I used to have a traditional bi-fold and I could never get the money into it quickly I always hand to step aside after being checked out at the store so I could reload my wallet. I hated that especially if it was the gas station where there is a long line behind you and you feel pressured to hurry up.

#2 Horizontal Cards vs Vertical

The second thing that stands out is the drastically different way your charge cards are stowed. Unlike traditional vertical slots where the cards go up and down my design slides into the wallet horizontally. This protects the cards dramatically. See when a traditional bi-fold is closed dirt, debris, and abrasives often fall down into the exposed slots and rub the magnetic strips right off the cards over time. The cards stop working, they look dull and have a gritty worn feel to them. The horizontal approach however protects the cards when the wallet's closed and keeps the abrasive contaminates out, making your cards last twice as long.

#3 The Liner

Fat bulky wallets!! You know what I mean, we all know a guy that diligently, energetically carries a brick in their back pocket right. Well the number one cause of wallet obesity is simple, it's redundant pockets, useless liners, and unnecessary material, especially synthetic material. To remedy this problem we use a tough yet supple pig skin liner that keeps the cards protected and the bills secure. This keeps the bulk of the wallet to a near 0. Most people are shocked when they feel how thin these wallets are once they transfer over all their cards and daily carries. And I know you will be too.

#4 Leather

As far as the leather I chose to go with a handful of my favorites, each one meets and or exceeds my criteria in look, feel, smell and water resistant nature. Each wallet will break in and age to a beautiful patina that will make people ask every time they see it "Wow where did you get your wallet". If you appreciate a practical beautiful wallet that is designed to last then this this the wallet for you!!

----Ultimate Leather Gift Guide----
1) Practical -- CHECK
2) Indestructible – DOUBLE CHECK
3) Manly Color & Texture – CHECK
4) Aroma exceeding New Car Smell—TRIPPLE CHECK
5) Lifetime Warranty – Super Check!!
----- And yes, you read #5 right, all my items come with a Lifetime Fix or Replacement Policy

Closed 3¾ by 4½
Open 3¾ by 13

Card Capacity:
24 Cards Total

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