2.75 Deep Bowl Tobacco Pipe- Model QBRYC- Hand Made

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Color: Walnut Rusticated

The design for this pipe was inspired by YouTube Vlogger Pipe Friends CHS.
This is another one in our series of Extra Large Tobacco Pipes, that can carry you up to two hours of smoke.
Since the majority of our pipes are medium sized bowls, we kept on getting USA requests for something larger. So we went extreme on this issue, and asked from the above Vlogger for some sizing and dimensions, and are happy to present you the Model Qbryc pipe.
This design, size and shape will throw your smoking buddies off ground, guaranteed.
Comes in a beautiful gift box.
This pipe was hand made from A-to-Z by Mr. Brog in Poland.
Extremely Rare and Unique Design
Extra Large Bowl - Fill Your Hands & 'WOW' Your Smoking Buddies
Made of High Quality PearWood Roots
Made By A Brand You Can Trust Long Term
Gift Box Included