Whiskey Barrel And Ebony Wood Ring With Turquoise Inlay


A unique solid wood ring for the whiskey drinker in your life!

This is a hand-turned oak and ebony wood ring cut from used Jack Daniels whiskey barrels combined with dark black Gaboon ebony wood with a beautiful turquoise inlay with a unique story and history. When whiskey barrels are made, steel bands are wrapped around the wood and nailed into place. When these steel bands are removed to begin the process of turning a whiskey barrel into a ring, these nail holes are left behind. We then fill the nail holes with crushed turquoise to add a bright splash of color to the ring and give these rings an even more unique story behind their creation. These rings are limited in quantity to only a handful from each barrel that we buy since only a small amount of the barrel wood has had a nail driven through it.

After a Jack Daniels barrel is no longer of use to the distillery, it is sold to a number of craftsmen who make everything from planters to knife handles from the wood - or, in this case, a solid wood ring. I purchase the barrels straight from the distillery general store and have them shipped to my doorstep, where I dismantle them into individual staves to be cut into rings.

Each ring is hand polished and finished with several layers of cyanoacrylate. While many crafters use oils and waxes to finish their rings, cyanoacrylate provides a stronger bond within the wood grain, provides protection from water, and reduces the likelihood of scratching - a common issue with other finishing materials.

Your ring will have a similar look to those in the pictures but each ring is a unique piece of wood with it's own unique patterning with no two exactly alike! Please note the variability in coloring in the photos, your ring may be lighter or darker than the first image.

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