Cooper's Cribbage- River Drive

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Take a game that has been around for 400 years, combined with a spirit that was created 1,000 years ago. What do you get? Whiskey Wood's Cooper Cribbage. To make a 1,400 year story short, its a cribbage board crafted out of extra wide whiskey barrels staves. Only 20% of the 24 to 36 staves that make up each whiskey barrel are wide enough to handle such a classic past time, so these are always in limited supply! These boards are left natural, allowing the sweet aroma of each piece to escape.

Every piece has it's own unique personally, with marks left by metal bands used to hold the barrels together, and other nicks and nacks acquired along the way. Every board comes with two sets of 3 game peices; old fashioned nails, in colors black and silver.

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