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Bourbon Infused Small Batch Honey

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If you love bourbon or honey, then we have something for you to savor unlike anything you’ve ever had before! This Bourbon Infused Honey is a bold blend of small batch crafted bourbon and floral honey made in St. Augustine, Fl in partnership with Stubbees. With help from bourbon aficionados, chefs and foodies alike, this curated Napoleonic inspired honey is a luxury all on its own. It's perfect for glistening your meats as they roast, or giving a lavish flavor to your favorite cocktail.  

PAIRINGS: charcuterie boards, select coffees & teas, smoked meats, biscuits, crafted cocktails like mint julep 

INGREDIENTS: honeybee honey, non-gmo bourbon

-Batch Labeled

-Crafted in the U.S.A

-12 oz bottle

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