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Looking great starts with a close shave and we know that shaving with a plastic stick is not for you.

Throw away that plastic and move on to the ultimate straight razor shaving kit—not just a shave, an experience.

Straight razor shaving is a great way to start your day and with this complete Naked Armor kit, you (or your loved one) will have everything you need to get started.

Imagine a face that is so soft to the touch that you become irresistible. That's what we all want. ✌

The razor was designed using a unique style of steel and wood and its effectiveness has been proven by thousands of men just like you.


Did you know straight razors are a growing trend and they offer the closest shave a man can ever get at home? 

The only better option is to go to a barber every day. No one has time for that. But you can treat yourself to a great shave with a straight razor every day.

Wet Shaving

I know you are asking yourself, why should I buy the Naked Armor Straight Razor Kit?

Yeah, that's a good question and we've got six reasons why you should get this kit.We guarantee you will love this kit—keep reading.


Really, this kit starts with an incredible blade. Excellent steel is what separates this straight razor from others on the market. 

If you get a cheap blade, your experience will be shit, and your shave will be very disappointing. 

Here are blade basics that we learned from the master's after years of working directly with steel.

  • start with great steel
  • hone to perfection
  • make it balanced

We crafted this blade with the best steel available in the world and with the highest hardness rating found in any straight razor creating the best face-to-shave ratio.

 started by importing Japanese steel sheets with a hardness rating of 61-65 HRC.

Straight Razor Blade

The Solomon.

Your new straight razor is so hard and sharp that if someone breaks into your home, you or your wife could grab the razor to protect your home and defend your kids. Even better, you can use it for a great close shave at home.

We also topped (and bottomed) this razor off with 115-grain two-sided gold copper heads to give you the perfect equilibrium. Balance is important and this handle provides it with style and grace.


This Solomon handle is made of algum wood, a wood of Biblical lineage. According to the Book of First Kings, algum was used, together with cedar and pine, in the construction of Solomon's Temple.

If it's good enough for the Temple, then it's perfect for this straight razor—in fact, it's so perfect, that we had to call it the Solomon.

It's strong, well-balanced wood and light to the touch. It feels good on your grip as you slide the blade through your morning lather to cut your facial hair. It's so good that you can also easily shave your melon with it (see the video later).


You get the perfect mixture of strength and precision with the Solomon, but you also get $1000 in a few years.

Having a smooth manly face comes at a cost, but you can save money by switching to this straight razor. 

Save Money With Straight Razor

The statistics show that in 4 years you'll save $1000 by switching to a straight razor. You'll also save lots of plastic going into landfills. Bonus!


This straight razor shave kit includes everything you need to shave with a straight razor at home & on the road:

Let's review what you get in the Solomon Kit:

  • Japanese Steel Blade
  • Leather Travel Sase
  • Leather Strop
  • Wood (Badger Friendly) Brush
  • Shaving Soap
  • Sharpening Paste
  • Awesome Wood Box  


Now, remember, just because it's made for gifting doesn't mean that someone else should get this. Sometimes the greatest gift is the gift you give yourself.

Whether it's for you or for someone else, everything comes in a quality handcrafted reusable wood gift box, beautifully branded and wrapped in an outer protective sleeve.

Man Gift

Guaranteed to make your man happy.


The Solomon razor also won the premium award for Best Straight Razors of 2018 by Gear Hungry. We worked hard to make you the best razor so that you can get the closest shave every day.

The Solomon Razor Award


The blade is fairly wide which makes it a perfect beginner blade as it is easier to get the correct angle right.

This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. We wanted to capture the best aspects of both designs so we designed a hybrid blade, crafted between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow.

⭐ Our straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. Once again, we were looking to engineer a blade that meets all the best aspects of straight razor shaving. 

  • The total length of the razor: 15.7cm
  • Blade length: 7.5cm, 13/16"


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