3 Piece Kitchen Knife Set


Books for 2020 are closed on this set. Now reserving orders for January 2021

This elegant set of Crooked River Forge Chef knives was put together exclusively for the Vintage Gentlemen. You can't find this anywhere else.

These knives are designed for the professional chef or the cooking enthusiast that wants to own a premium set of knives and an heirloom to pass down for generations.

This beautiful set features the Western French Chef for bigger jobs around the kitchen when length does matter. This blade has a long subtle rock and is great for larger cuts of meats, and bigger vegetables. The next blade in this line up is the Santoku Chef. In Japan, Santoku stands for three processes, such as slicing, dicing and mincing, thus making this blade a great vegetable knife as well as smaller jobs in the kitchen. Finally the French Utility knife is great for smaller jobs like slicing garlic, herbs and other delicate work. It also makes a great conversation peace on the cheese board.

Each one of these blades are hand forged by Tommy Matthews, owner of Crooked River Forge and Forged in Fire Champion! We wanted to bring only the best knife set possible, so we partnered with one of the best in the world.

Handle Material Black Walnut

Steel - 80CRV2

8" Western French Chef

7" Santoku Chef

4" French Utility Chef

About the maker:

Forged in Fire Champion!


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