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Hammered Copper Mugs- Set Of Two

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These premium copper mugs are designed for the host that enjoys creating memorable experiences with guests by crafting the perfect cocktail in these beautiful copper mugs.

We're big fans of the "Moscow Mule" cocktail and think that every gentleman, or "woman" should own a set of quality copper mugs to enjoy with family and friends.  Of course, there are many other drinks that can be enjoyed in these copper mugs, but the Moscow Mule is a classic that everyone should learn to enjoy. 

Here's a few of the highlights:

These 18oz mugs will keep your drink icy cold and will stay cold longer than most other materials.  When you add ice, you can see the outside of the mug immediately begin to frost.

Our copper mugs are beautifully designed with their hammered finish, creating a unique mug where no two are alike. 
These make for the best gift, whether it's for a spouse, birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, groomsmen gift, gift for a friend, or a special someone in your life.  These are products that everyone loves, but rarely own, which is why they are such a thoughtful and exceptional gift.

riences with guests by serving the perfect cocktail in beautiful hammered finish copper mugs.