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We understand that finding the perfect gift for the man who has everything is no easy task. That's one of the reasons we exist as a men's brand. We want to create a one of a kind store and experience for men that love manly and distinguished goods, but we also wanted to create a resource for women that love to surprise their man with a unique and thoughtful gift that he will love.

We put together this quick guide to help spark a few ideas that we think are items that your man will love, but probably does not own.

Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco Pipe

The first item on our list of recommendations, is our collection of handcrafted briar wood tobacco pipes. These pipes are perfect for the gentleman that loves to sit by the fire with a good book, or simply sit on the porch in the afternoon and enjoy a relaxing smoke.

Straight Razor

Damascus Steel Straight Razor

We're bringing back the lost art of shaving with our custom straight razor. This premium straight razor is crafted out of Damascus Steel, creating the beautiful designs found in the blade. There's a new trend among men that are rediscovering this lost art, and are turning shaving from a chore to a relaxing experience.

Custom Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey Decanter

We think that drinking fine spirits such as whiskey should be an experience. That's why we have put together this collection of custom decanters that add an extra touch of class. Not only are they capable of storing your current whiskey of choice, but they make for an excellent display in your home office or home bar.

Handcrafted Wooden Pen

Wooden Pen

There's something satisfying about the feel of a heavy and well made pen when writing down your thoughts or plans for the week. These pens are handcrafted out of Black Walnut Wood with beautiful brass hardware.

Damascus Steel Knives

Most men own a pocket knife, but very few own a Damascus Steel knife.  These knives are made of premium steel that is folded over and over to create the beautiful designs you see in the blade.  The intensive nature of making these knivesspeaks to their quality and the level of craftsmanship needed to make these blades.  These knives are sure to be an excellent gift and something each gentleman would love to own.

This list is certainly not exhaustive of the products we offer that would make for a unique gift, but is more of a highlight of the type of store and products we are constantly creating and sourcing.  We hope we've provided some inspiration and ideas for the perfect gift for that special person in your life. 

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Brandon Higginbotham
Brandon Higginbotham

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