Chef knife set

Gentlemen: Let’s Get In The Kitchen!


We think that some of life’s most memorable moments happen around good food with family and friends and we want to give you the tools to prepare those delicious meals! You don’t need to be a professional chef to enjoy the art of cooking, but a dependable set of kitchen cutlery is a great way to get you motivated for preparing those delicious meals. 

Imagine the special times with family and friends gathered around the kitchen sharing stories, laughter, and all the great food that these knives will help prepare.  These are more than a product we sell, these are a way we help families and friends connect and enjoy life and treasure memories together around the table!

These beautiful 7 piece damascus steel chef/kitchen knife sets are a chef or food enthusiast’s dream! The Damascus steel blades make for an exquisite display of craftsmanship and detail that will capture the attention of your guests as you serve up your favorite dish! We currently offer three beautiful designs, and hope to see these knife sets in homes across the world!

damascus steel kitchen knife set

Red Chef Kitchen Knife Set With Leather Roll

Blue Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

Blue Kitchen Knife Set With Leather Roll



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